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Time To Start Writing

Posted in Uncategorized by johnsontoms on November 6, 2009

I was sitting outside to catch a square and I overheard a guy playing (literal playing, as in on a guitar) “Wake Up” by The Arcade Fire, and moments like that almost always make me want to use my creativity for something, anything, good or bad.  I do have ideas, I’m just one lazy bastard.  Proof:

1.) A full-length feature about a recent college graduate who undergoes the stresses of a broken relationship while failing to find his chosen career

1.a) that same story but moved further along the time period, where about the graduate gets the job but relocates and endures a similar string of events while in a bazaar environment

2.) a novel about the story of a journeyman baseball player, aged close to 30 with a .258 lifetime average in double-A ball.  He starts off what could be his last season really well, and when it looks like he’s about to get the call up, he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant.  He starts to juice and gets suspended, ending his season and career.  Each chapter would start with a stat line to paint the timeline, but it wouldn’t be Field of Dreams, it would be more of Mailer type novel with some Bukowski humor, god-willing that I’m good enough to make it happen.

Consider this my formal ‘I thought of it first’ post so that I have proof of my intellectual property if taken to court.

Anyways, that’s the reason for the season.  And to put something down, as I was smoking outside I wondered in my head what it would be like to just wander next door and start singing, particularly if it were an original, I would’ve inserted my own words, and it would’ve gone something like this (to put it down on the fly):

I went down to the basement to grab me a gun/I was halfway up the stairs before I knew what I had done/You told me to shoot as I looked you in the eye/but I walked out that door, straight out of my mind

and now I’m a drifter without a single thing to own/but I’ve got this gun to carry down the road.

Cut it, print it, the kid’s a natural.  Finally put that education to use.

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