T for Tom


Posted in Uncategorized by johnsontoms on February 24, 2010

Well, one wasn’t enough.  I can’t get The Allman Brothers’s “Revival” out of my head, so I’m giving it’s key line an update.


People, can you feel it? Love is everywhere.

But it’s not in the fields, it’s not in the trees,

It’s not in the mountains, it’s not in the seas,

It’s not in the ground, it’s not in the sky,

It’s not in the bushes or even the vines.

You won’t find it next door or find it in the news,

You won’t find it in books or in the things you use.

If it’s not in the bullets it can’t be in the war,

If it’s not in the fight then it’s not in what we’re fighting for.

But love can be here and love can be there,

It’s only the love we make, so make love everywhere.

People, can you feel it?  Love is everywhere.


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