T for Tom

The Living from the Dead

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on July 24, 2011

Where did all the feet go?

Marching down the street so often

with purpose

Trying to change the world.


When did all the soldiers quit?

Marching up the hills so often

holding signs

Standing in picket lines.


The offices have not changed

Taxing us the same so often

dropping bombs

Drafting kids for Vietnam.


Where did all the fight go?

Citizens never try so often

like they would

When they were misunderstood.


Now the soldiers play the game

It’s a paycheck all the same so often

killing time

Without killing on the mind.

Hug the kids

Close the lid

Kiss the wife

Church on time

Cut the grass

Press the slacks

Buy a home

Pay the loan

With the paychecks they’ve been given

holding rifles for a living


Where did all the meaning go?

This is not the freedom that so often

had been said

Would separate the living from the dead.


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