T for Tom

Something Nietzsche Said

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on August 4, 2011

Men have always hated other men I believe.

Nietzsche said we’d come far enough, that God was dead, or at least the need for Him was.

We’re supposed to be civilized and democratized and when you look around and hear the right buzz words it’s easy to think it’s true.

But women still exist, and a man still needs money and wants success

So really we’ve just gone from fighting over god and land to throwing punches if you put your hand in the wrong place,

maybe tried to spread some love where it doesn’t belong (spread legs)

or just aren’t helping someone get what they want (’cause we all want something, someone)

and in a way that’s no different than jihads and pilgrimage, just more petty.

So really all we’ve added in a couple thousand years of humanity is awareness to our stupidity.

But then again it was just one man who said we were advanced, aware

and most people call him wrong.

I guess those people must be right if you really think about it.


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