T for Tom

Where We Can’t Eat the Fish

Posted in Uncategorized by johnsontoms on August 4, 2011

There’s a pier over the water where we can’t eat the fish

Catch and release if you’re lucky enough to grab one out of the pond.

Fitting that it’s sinewy green

Deep, dark, heavy, thick with the poisons they let sink all the way in

until we we can’t eat the fish any longer.


But I can go elsewhere, elsewhere to eat because the earth has plenty.

It’s a shame we know this or we wouldn’t let the waters go bad in some places

And take all the fish from the others.

I come here to drop in a line and pass the time

Releasing the fish that end up just fine.

In a way it’s like making friends and surely then

I’ve some good where things went bad,

Some light to poke through the dark water, if you will.

Maybe the fish are being playful

Trying to hide but occasionally letting to be caught to remind me

We all have to get along.

I wish I could play with my friends all day but sooner or later over the trees comes the sound


Breaking up the locusts and drowning out the birds,

The helicopters flying their own sky to tell me peace won’t last all night.


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