T for Tom

Closer to Farther

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on December 19, 2011

All sadness can be shaken, taken from our hearts

But usually with most success when we’re taken from the heart of our joys, maybe our life.

Or at least the one we knew.

Starting new isn’t starting over if we’ve learned from lovers and ghosts of memories past,

Left searing on our minds like the worst kind of pain but wose because the rain only stops when we’ve driven off to another place.

I can expect the same bars, I can live with the same food,

But what keeps me up at night

Is sleeping alone because everywhere I go are the same people.

-Beautiful enough to dance, lonely enough to make love, but scared enough to run home

That damn place where dreams don’t die but instead buy houses

And have kids

And work to pay bills

And for 75 ill years sit in the corner as a reminder that some people achieve the impossible

But I’ve chosen to settle with the typical.


The peddle on the floor and Blood On The Tracks on the radio and cigarettes in my hand,

Getting closer to getting farther away.

I hope when I get there the people like to dance, and just maybe,

That’s a chance I’ll take.


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