T for Tom

I Have to Get Drunk

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on December 19, 2011

I have to get drunk to write things down.

Does that make me an alcoholic or someone who’s afraid?

Unimaginative or never-made are the best ways to describe

The words I pile on the pages

And the worst part is the celebrity I pay inside my brain

To keep the words fresh each day.

Even at a coffee shop I never stop to think the girls won’t watch

As my pen leads the way.

Good thing there’s beer or else we’d all see we’re nowhere near our dreams

And one day we’ll all be dead.

So barkeep! I’m here, take my dollar and smile and pour

And pay

And change

And exchange

And wave

And let me sit down to scribble out the words I hope will someday be read.


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