T for Tom

Sometimes The Sun Rises

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on December 19, 2011

Sometimes the sun rises on its own

And sometimes it rises its for mine alone,

Gift wrapped in a brown sack

I wish everything so lovely only cost a nickel.


But even words aren’t free,

Like all things that are cheap

It still costs something.

Mostly its time, and of course I mean mine,

I’ll take out a loan for when the sun rises on its own

And save my time for when it’s just my sunshine.

I don’t need the cars

I won’t own a house

Shiny things and diamond rings

Never work out

But for 35 cents I can buy an orange at the corner store

And in five minutes time

I’ve gained more than I ask

From a job that lasts right up to the day I die.

If I die every time I fall asleep its more important to remember

The things that live and breathe

It wasn’t me that said cubicles were suffocating

And if the odds aren’t long there are too many people

I could call my equal

To say I’m the only one.


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