T for Tom

Tapped Feet

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on December 19, 2011

I know the answer is “getting older” but why must they go?

Why is life made only for to end?

They smile as we shake hands but they always turn to walk toward their end

And I’m left walking away to mine.

Sometimes I think it’s my fault that I don’t stop,

Don’t turn around and go the same direction,

Back where everyone came from

And settle in right next to them, a safe place where things are warm and love is casual,

Filled with all the hopes and dreams that are seen filling the screen.

Just like the car they drove off in,

Clean and new and pricey,

The right one to attract the right one

And carry on home to make casual love that if done enough might end up being enough.

Why do I know the answers but keep asking the questions?

Why can’t everyone come along with me? is the same solution as

Why can’t we all relax?

Why are there still a few fighting when so many are no longer trying?

For it’s the fire

An intangible desire to be fulfilled with more than hip clothes,

Smooth moves, and a future with money.

Surely the land of milk and honey doesn’t have strip clubs and golf courses

Where the two worlds are made that never meet,

And I’m left guessing what could have been

If she had met him,

Of if we danced,

Or if we sang,

Or if we cried,

Or if we played jazz on the radio and for one day only all the world tapped its feet.


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