T for Tom

We Met In a Bar

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on December 19, 2011

We met in a bar in the same way all good things come to an end,

With lots of drinking and loud noises,

Surrounded by friends and strangers,

Trying to dance to the good songs,

Shouting just to tell our stories,

Holding hands to get a drink,

Spinning to the fast songs,

Gripping to the slow ones,

Kissing to pass the time,

Saying nice things to get in line,

Taking pictures to remember nothing in particular,

Laughing at others just like us,

Exchanging numbers because it’s the easy way,

Walking home alone because in the end it’s the only way.


Sooner or later there won’t be so much sadness left in the world

When people start doing something original.

It’s hard to accomplish anything doing the same thing over and over.

Is that why I called her?


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