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I Will Not Pray For Josh Hamilton

Posted in Uncategorized by johnsontoms on February 8, 2012

I will not pray for Josh Hamilton.  I will not act as if a man who makes multiples of millions of dollars needs my help or God’s to fix what he considers a problem.  It is unreasonable to act that this issue can be solved by religion, the very harbinger of his demise, the cult, the society, the impression that drinking is sin and behaving erratically is not normal, not human, not sane.

My god, if everyone of us behaved “normal” this world would be full of plugs, useless human beings that could be interchanged with one another, each one the same and simultaneous, engaged in exact behavior and believing in the same nonsense, most of it gods, and yet for all their efforts to achieve this blasphemy to the true human spirit that does not exist in some bible, they are not far off – if we as a nation can sit around and tell this man that he cannot, for not one day or one minute or one hour or one lifetime or a single happenstance or chance or action have a single drink of alcohol, we have failed to embrace our spirit and instead chosen wholly to focus on the religious spirit which does exist and leads to decisions like this – if instead of growing up in a country where sin existed, and instead recognizing the beauty of imbibing in all of life’s facets, good, bad, tasteful, delicious, sinister, robust, contrite, salacious, evil, wicked, pure, spontaneous, and anything but pious and used in moderation than never would we have to tell a grown man that he cannot drink.  For the fucking sake of fuck, is it not possible that his addiction is created out of his fear, his image of himself and his image of god, his belief that he truly is addicted? Why cannot he not accept moderation?  If I pray for him, he will continue to understand that he is “wicked, tainted of the devil,” or some ridiculous cliché used to battle “hands of evil,” or whatever else they come up with next.  He should instead battle his own idea of self, his own understanding of alcohol.  If he knew that he could have one drink and be all right, and not need another, or that if he were truly as he said upset with a family member and needed to relieve stress with alcohol, it’s okay, so long as he doesn’t kill anybody.  That’s all we can ask of anyone.

I will not pray for Josh Hamilton.  I will not pray for a man who got to this point because he wanted to profit from his beliefs.  I will not continue to propagate the exact entity that put him this place.  Had he never chosen to go public with his “rebirth,” or use his identity as a celebrity to bring others to that same belief, than his mistakes and relapses would be of no consequence.  If he instead recognized the inability of man to control even himself (because why the fuck are we at war? if we cannot even stop drinking) than he wouldn’t have put so many others at risk by taking their confidence.  If he hadn’t made it an effort to change the world with his belief (not going to happen Mr. Baseball Star), than it wouldn’t be international headlines when he went out for a drink.  He has only himself to blame.  All along he could’ve just taken his piss tests and gone to work.  But he chose to be a bigger celebrity for Christ.  Haahahahahahahhahhaahahaaaaa.  It’s so funny when you read it again.  “Celebrity for Christ.”  The fuck.

I will not pray for Josh Hamilton, a man who profits from praying.  His public speaking efforts about the most misguided adventures a human can embark on – getting paid to be a Christian.  If were fooled like all of you I, too, would be praying.  But why should I pray for a man that receives my money to be seen in public discussing the blood of christ and his forgiving ways? or his path to righteousness or call to disciples, disciples who can play baseball on television and speak about Christ while getting paid millions of dollars, this disciple gets paid millions of dollars!

I will not pray for Josh Hamilton because it is unreasonable to expect a man who has chemical addictions to not relapse.  Your god hasn’t yet saved him, so let’s not continue to pretend he will.  Why is the ability of modern medicine, therapy, and sheer determination of will not enough these days?  Instead of believing in God, Mr. Hamilton needs a strong dose of believing in himself.  Dr. Johnson solves all problems.

I will not pray for Josh Hamilton, because in all of this he’s hardly been honest.  “I had three or four drinks before Ian [Kinsler] showed up… and I continued to drink afterward,” rambling on about “things I shouldn’t have done… that hurt my family.” Ok, we get it.  You went to a dirty bar where dirty people would recognize you, mostly likely got smash-housed and fucked somebody.  Isn’t it time we realize that this is human nature? If we could ever get over our idea that monogamy exists and is capable we wouldn’t be discussing the “failing divorce rate,” or the sins of cheating, and might one day call it the “successful divorce rate” because people are harnessing their physiologically given hormones and ability to grow to recognize that happiness is not forever – it must be fought for, searched after, dug up and studied like a fossil in scientific labs, probed and prodded and put on the witness stand to attest to every act that’s ever caused happiness and then used as a text and script for where to find it again.  It may be a drink or two in public and it may be sleeping with another woman!  Consequences from these types of actions only exist if you make them exist, with beliefs and emotions and shitty things that pop up on Hallmark cards.

I will not pray for Josh Hamilton because what he needs is to be wrung up by his neck and shaken like a tree while being held against the wall, the one place I think anyone would listen, and shout to him “You are man, you are strong, capable, physically endowed and own a mind, that mind has 4.2-million neurons in it that can process more computations that the world’s fastest computer ad infinitum, and with that brain you should read, read the world’s greatest literature on philosophy, science, nature, self, and there you will see that you can do and be and achieve anything you want not because you prayed for it but because you chose to, it was your fucking choice, no one else’s, and you chose to be a baseball player, a damn good one, and now you can choose to be sober or be a drunk, and you can choose either way to not let it affect your career or your celebrity whether drunk or sober, you can function either way, you can choose to walk away from it all and live in the jungle, you can choose to go back to Sherlock’s Bar and Pub and fuck yourself to death with all the women that would spread their legs for you, you can choose to wallow in pity or rebound like a fucking basketball, choose to breathe the air and take it as a mistake, move on, or look around and ask for prayer because you can’t choose to do it own your own, you can choose to live or die, and I suggest living because this world will kill you if you give in to what they all want, and they want you to pray with them!”

I will not pray for Josh Hamilton because you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.  You want me to pray for your wealthy ass just because you had a fucking drink?  Who the fuck do you think you are?  You are capable of attaining my sympathy, because you swing a wooden bat and make millions of dollars?  And you want my prayer?  Oh, it’s probably because we’re all “children under god,” so we’re equals.  Fuck it, don’t even get me started on equality.  Ride your Cadillac’s and Ford Expeditions to church and put a few dollars in the tray to help the needy, that makes us equal.  I’m not asking for this world to be equal, but I also don’t believe in it – you’re the one who goes around preaching it, and then breaking it.  It’s easier not to break what doesn’t exist.

And I will not pray for Josh Hamilton because god doesn’t exist.  Baseball does.  Alcohol does.  People do.  War does.  Good books exist.  Rock’n’roll exists.  Politics exist.  This computer I’m typing on exist.  I can see it.  But I can’t see where my prayers go, and I can’t see god.  I can’t see the supposed good works he’s done, and I can’t see the devil who’s to blame for the opposite.  What I can see are billions of people crowding this earth, wasting its resources, drowning its water with poison, filling its air with smoke, smoke from the guns that are fired everyday and smother whole societies and races and religions because they don’t believe in the same thing as the one with the stronger firepower, don’t have the technology to fire back because they are peaceful or at least never needed metallurgy to live on the soil, never needed books because it doesn’t take mathematicians to understand how to chop a tree and use it to keep warm with fire, never needed to spoil the ground with the bodies of their dead, because it’s all a cycle, isn’t is glorious how they understand more of this and it’s because they understand nothing we call civilized? even though we’re the ones running around slaughtering calves, shooting limp racehorses, training whales to jump through hoops, breeding dogs at a catastrophic rate to the point where they get abandoned on the side of the street, and watch as the television news reads “Josh Hamilton Seeks Prayer” because he had a fucking drink?  Can’t you see what’s wrong with this picture?  Why do you people ignore all the problems of this world?  Is it too much to ask to see, for once, what’s truly going on?

I will not pray for Josh Hamilton because I am a human being.  Being human is all I can do.


Media Coverage Differentiation as reported by Mike Slive. Interesting look at the way we only hear what they let us hear; i.e., why is no trying to probe Hamilton for exactly what happened?

“Texas Pastor: Pray For Josh Hamilton”  this post asks the question, “a lot of people are going to use this to inadequacies of faith or religion, but I say to them, where would Hamilton be without Jesus?”  …I don’t know, smarter, for one.  Maybe not playing baseball, but alive and really living.