T for Tom

Don’t Ask Her To Come Around

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on April 12, 2012

Don’t ask her to come around

It’s enough that I know her now and found her before she went out,

Out on the town,

Those rare nights she doesn’t go right home

To be alone

Because even then she needs to fake a little love.

It’s because she’s mad, mad with words and the living world

And seeing from the outside the same lies I learned to catch on the other side of the earth

Where I, too, was lonely

I, too, was mad

And I, too, went out to fake a little love with anyone.

And while we faked it together we learned nothing better

Than no time and no weather

No sun could shine or rain could fall to clean it all from the ghost in the air –

No matter here, no matter there

Everyone just needs something

And someone who wants nothing has their self to stay with;

These two can never share anything

Because with anyone they share nothing.

I guess I just need someone to share everything

Because like an unread book I share nothing

Full of words that no one reads

It’s my fault – I designed the cover.


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  1. johnsontoms said, on April 12, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    This one fucking bloooooooows.

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