T for Tom

We Should All Do Something Fantastic

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on April 12, 2012

It won’t be long until the credits roll

The curtain folds

And the story comes to an end.

Sometimes it seems as if this life is a film

Where the right lines are said

And the music fills the head

When two strange souls meet once and again

Halfway across the earth because the writer knew

That subtitles are best read when nothing makes sense.

And since I’ve never done anything crazy before

I JUMPED at the idea that

Hopping a plane

Would let me fly

Right out my mind

And into a place where snowfall keeps me warm

Because it, too, I have never seen and

Joy, too, I have long since had

But I just want a day, a single piece of time to say

“I didn’t do it for any reason particular”

But just to say I did it,

Did something fantastic.

We should all do something fantastic.


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