T for Tom

This Could Go Forever

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on September 30, 2012

This could go forever and

There’s nothing here to be proud of,

There is nothing of life and liberty here

And still we continue.

Nothing of soul

No thing of spirit and

No where great minds yet still we continue.

There used to be glory where there was invention

And where there was hope and now there is…

There is only fame,

There is only laughter

There is only the end and hereafter.


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  1. SMaedl@KLRU.org said, on September 30, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Hi Tom –

    I’ve been reading ALL your posts since you left boot camp and following you along your adventures. Your entire story since then read much like King Solomon’s from the Bible: – you came – you saw – you chose some experiences – and now, it seems like I’m reading your personal translation of Ecclesiastes, where King Solomon says, “all is vanity”.

    It may feel this way to you right now, and others around you might make you feel guilty about some things that you’ve done, but there is ALWAYS hope.

    Many people we see around us today aren’t “truth seekers” like you are.

    They’re content to allow themselves to just go through the motions of life blindly accepting what advertisers and the media tell them, quick to join in with the latest crowd mentality, allowing their emotions to take over, too much in a rush to even think for themselves about any future consequences their actions may cause. Only to think about what’s in it for them right now.

    But I read in your posts, that you have something different about you. You’re unlike most of the masses in that you haven’t yet fallen into this trap.

    I’m reminded of the hero In the movie, “The Matrix”. He just knew something wasn’t quite right in society, but didn’t give up, he dared to question authority, dared to take the red pill, learned who he really was, and what his true mission in life was. Because of his past experiences, he had the background necessary to be successful. Without going through his past, he would not have been ready to face his future successfully.

    You’re actually taking time out to pause and analyze what you’ve experienced so far. And really thinking about where you’re wanting to go and how you can best contribute to the betterment of the world around you before you receive your next “assignment” from God.

    I commend you for this.

    It may seem like you’re going it alone right now, but you know (probably better than I do) that there really are “forces” & “angels” watching over and protecting us.

    I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and waiting to hear of your next adventure.

    – Steve

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