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It Takes The Sun Twelve Hours

Posted in poem, Prose by johnsontoms on March 14, 2013

It takes the sun twelve hours to traverse the sky and somehow when there’s no more light our bodies grow tired enough to sleep until it rises the next day.  This miracle is not by design – it is by chance.  We did not get here on purpose. But we have a choice to do something about it.  Everything has been a series of accidents up until humans started walking, talking, and killing things, and even then history is full of mistakes.  Thousands of years of humanity and we largely keep making the same wrong choices.  Pretty amazing, really, that after all this time, all these sunrises and sunsets, the majority of man believes in God, the almighty in the sky.  These things are too perfect for that – the cycles, the union of the sun and our souls, all things too genuine to be anything but a one-in-a-trillion chance gone right.  So if God does exist, he’s seen to it that everything since has gone wrong.


The Truth Is In The Prose

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on March 14, 2013

A poem about work never has anything good to say.

It’s always with the “wasted time” and “longest days.”

And nothing ever gets done or no one’s ever happy.

Seems it must not be natural to work so hard for nothing.

I have to find something to work for then

Before I have nothing to live for.

It has to be out there because what else is a “labor of love”?

It can’t just be myth.

Even the best stories have something true in them.

If that one doesn’t, I guess it’s up to me to write the words.

Just more work I suppose.

The truth is in the prose.