T for Tom

There It Is

Posted in Europe, poem by johnsontoms on May 30, 2013

There it is




Crashing with the sound of thunderclaps to say

Here I am




Some small, some large

But all grand.

The waves topped with white on the brown, sanded cliffs

Worn down from years of clapping

It’s like shaking hands to announce to each other they’ve arrived.

The cliffs to be introduced

To the water not new

To the world

That should consider itself lucky.

Here we are, here we are.

Winding stairs for the man who sees

Not what goes on below

But what goes on in front when so much is


There it goes, there it goes

Back into the sea, back into the blue tides

The rising highs of water miles that keep us

Like a divider apart from our Mother Earth.

We should see her.

There she is, there she is.

She speaks most when no one is listening.

There I was.


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  1. Steve Maedl said, on May 30, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Cool poem and great photo.
    Did you take the picture yourself?
    You might try doing a coffee table book of photos and poems.
    Hope to see you get published and on the NY Times best seller’s list by this time next year.
    – Steve

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