T for Tom


Posted in poem by johnsontoms on May 21, 2014


Cleaning out is fine

Gone are the smokes

Gone with meat,


Free sex.

It is cleaning, I am clean

But what next?

It feels, feels like a step out and on and upward

But who am I to leave humanity behind?


I am the dirty streets

I am the filthy sheets

I am the wild, naked and raging

am the towers overhead

am the dying and the dead

I am the whores

the corrupt

the smoke filling up

I am oh I am the graves

the trash blowing away

the sirens

Food stamps

Empty news stands

Yes I am.


Tell me I am, I don’t

Want to get so far away that I lose touch and become some saint,

Discarded for grace

Better to make change

By sleeping with the (blank).


Even 2000-years ago Jesus hung from the plank.



Posted in poem by johnsontoms on May 21, 2014


All I can think of is coffee

Kaffee, café, kohv, кофе

With milk, sometimes sugar

Sometimes cold (rarely),

Like mine black,

Nothing added.


Maybe a cigarette.

Always a cigarette.

And away goes the static.


/Crackling plastic, sifting grain, running water,

*click* and then sizzling, drop drop drop/


In the cup, steam rising

So damn warm,

Smooth roasted, no filter

And then!


Espresso, cappuccino, latte

Yes please

Just give me the caffeine

And a little time to think.

Where Do The Words Go?

Posted in poem by johnsontoms on May 21, 2014

Where do the words go?


Softly to the wind

Blown through the trees

And never heard again.

But such a sweet end-

Alone, quiet,

Surrounded by friends.

Other souls long too unused

There also by way

Of neglect:

Laughter, poetry, strong cups of coffee

Between conversations about

Where does it all go?

And when you run your hands softly

Over the tops of the grass,

Cool, light, inviting, a shade of pleasant

But something true and cordial with Father Time,

Looking down then you will see where it all goes

And I wonder, oh, I wonder

When we will pick it back up.