T for Tom


Posted in poem by johnsontoms on May 21, 2014


Cleaning out is fine

Gone are the smokes

Gone with meat,


Free sex.

It is cleaning, I am clean

But what next?

It feels, feels like a step out and on and upward

But who am I to leave humanity behind?


I am the dirty streets

I am the filthy sheets

I am the wild, naked and raging

am the towers overhead

am the dying and the dead

I am the whores

the corrupt

the smoke filling up

I am oh I am the graves

the trash blowing away

the sirens

Food stamps

Empty news stands

Yes I am.


Tell me I am, I don’t

Want to get so far away that I lose touch and become some saint,

Discarded for grace

Better to make change

By sleeping with the (blank).


Even 2000-years ago Jesus hung from the plank.


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