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Why Do We Do These Things To Each Other?

Posted in Prose, Uncategorized by johnsontoms on January 19, 2016

What are these things we do to each other? To think, somewhere someone is being punished for a crime that is legal somewhere else. That inside that vacuum of thought, the criminal transgressed the established rule of law. And instead of provoking the thought that law is not universal but human, we do not reach the conclusion that the transgressor was doing anything other than living a life according to their own belief. That outside of that vacuum, all opposition is established as enemy. Hereby we have the establishment of nation-states at war, and a society divided amongst its petty differences.

Why is anyone ever called wrong, in the sense that someone else is right? Or more notably, we continue to exist in a world where people are not in fact considered equals by their existence or beliefs. That it is possible that the generation of belief is symptom of the manifest of idea which is circumstance to random birth. As a product of our environment, our personal conclusions are tied to our education which is as random as where we are born. And by reaching the myriad differing opinions that exist around the world, we choose not to accept that harmony is the only right.

Why do we require people to assimilate, agglomerate, and aggregate? Instead of encouraging the very behaviors of strength and independence, we idolize the nominal representations of ideal wealth and success in such a way that all those in deference are subject to ridicule and persecution. Specifically, that there are those in existence who utter phrases such as “leave my country,” to say nothing of those that enact upon their prejudices with violence.

Or more simply, why do defer to punishment first and foremost, ignoring any possibility of forgiveness, understanding, or empathy. It is equally confounding that most of these actions are beget by those holding strong religious beliefs.

Does the drunk need to be arrested because he fell asleep in a park, or does he need a place to get warm until he sobers? Do the homeless men and women who board a bus without fare need to be kicked off, or do they need support, warm food, and a better system of education and work placement? Do the inner-city workers who are employed for minimum wage, can’t afford a vehicle, and are subject to the flow and cancellations of public transit deserve to be disciplined or fired for being late, or do they need better wages, better hours, and an opportunity to provide for their own comfort?

Were it not for the simple edification of personal protection vis-à-vis job performance, those who make personnel decisions might take me sympathy on those who need help. By that, we have reached the conclusion as a society that certain hard decisions must be made in order to protect ourselves; in the form of disciplining employees the manager maintains his business and order; in the form of punishing school children the principal establishes a code of conduct; in the form of waging war the head of state protects the ideologies of a nation at the expense of the world. Put another way, our decisions are actively and knowingly designed to cause harm and disharmony.


At the end of the day, the hourly worker must then buy groceries, put gas in the car, clean the house, throw out the trash, make the next day’s lunch, and pay bills, all of which consume the amount of time necessary to cultivate educated ideas. And thereby we suffer without more and richer ideas.

After centuries of modern development we have done nothing to eradicate the system of existence whereby people develop their comfort and survivability based upon the value of their work performance, subject to circumstance of location and birth. Amongst the millions lucky enough to establish hobbies, how many established hobbies that pursue brighter ideas? Where in the better part of this world are those that want to be more harmonious, full of peace, and spiritually whole? Put another way – why are so many set to exist as if there is nothing else to learn?

Because there are still people unjustly punished for crimes that simply do not make sense. There are people who lose jobs for having a different way of thinking and not working in line like a robot. There are students who are graded poorly for reaching a conclusion different than the professor. And there are politicians who actively strike down any law that might help those in need. All because one person thinks one thing, and anyone else must be wrong.

Why do we do these things to each other?

There is so much more to learn.

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