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Day 23 – Shot of Love – 1981

Posted in A Dylan A Day, Uncategorized by johnsontoms on July 15, 2016



It’s a great cover, though.

There’s a spirit of music here, but it’s void. The same vibe and feeling that personifies the emphasis of Saved is null on Shot of Love. It just seems faked. And while the music isn’t overly or inherently bad, it’s just not genuine.

And I think that’s the culmination of a period gone wrong. A man, known so long for being so good, got away with doing something outrageous on the strength of the music for two albums. But by the third it left a stale taste. Overdone and old to a point.

Again, taken on its own, Shot of Love has its hits – “Shot of Love” the track is a banger and even “Property of Jesus” rolls to a high lull. But in spite of its greatest achievements, it comes off as more of the same. This is after all a man who spent his whole career shifting paradigms with every record, and to get something redundant seems strange and bizarre.

It should seem equally strange and bizarre that the first time we get redundancy with Bob Dylan is with his Christian trilogy. That he lasted this long should seem like something of a trophy, but here we are 23 albums on.

And that’s the most I have to say for this record. It’s just a complete repeat of something I’ve heard before.

Not bad, but not what I go to. Probably the reason he moves on as quickly also.

Song: “Property of Jesus”

By now it would make sense that his greatest song would be his most overt. But let’s not discredit him for trying. It is a great, great song.


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