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Day 37 – Together Through Life – 2009

Posted in A Dylan A Day by johnsontoms on July 28, 2016



With his legend solidified and his status certain, Bob Dylan returns again to the true source of his complexity, lost love. Together Through Life features ten songs about heartache, longing, and spite. And while some things come back around, some things are still new.

And by new, I mean there’s an accordion on the entire record. The whole thing. But its not out of place, as the whole album carries a saloon feel from the bard on the stool singing to the sad, lonely crowd. And in spite of its weight, there’s a feeling of resignation, as though the end is near or arrived and life will carry on anyway.

It’s a fitting feeling after all, having reestablished himself so well in the previous ten years. Here on out it feels like Bob Dylan is going to keep carrying on. With what, we can’t be sure, but we’ll know he’s going to keep doing it.

This time there are backing performances from members of the Heartbreakers again, and all but two of the songs were co-written with a member of the Grateful Dead. But what I enjoy most in this late stage career move, is the combination of art and sound.

There’s a photo on the album cover of two lovers intertwined in the backseat of a car, the male without a shirt on staring out the back window. The picture was taken off the cover of a collection of short stories, but borrowing is unimportant and even less surprising by now. It could mean a lot of things, but pictured in black and white it gives a representation of the past, ghosts of loves before. You can see in it the feeling that for awhile everything was right, and good, and together in place.

We hear the stories then and are implied to “say hello to Mary-Ann” if we ever go to Dallas, and tell “her sister Lucy [he’s] sorry” if we ever go to Houston. Travelin’ isn’t new to this story teller, or any American storyteller for that matter. Some people just can’t stop moving.

And for all the places it goes, it never loses touch with gratitude. There’s not one song that doesn’t leave you with the feeling of satisfaction, and I’m left wondering if he actually made it together through life with someone, or was just grateful that he got to try. Unimportant, I guess.

Song: “I Feel A Change Comin’ On”

This sounds like old love, and talks like life: “I feel a change comin’ on, And the fourth part of the day’s already gone.”



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