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Day 39 – Shadows In The Night – 2015

Posted in A Dylan A Day by johnsontoms on July 30, 2016



What fantastic design.

I am full of regret that I had glossed over Shadows In The Night upon its release, because it’s incredible. I mean truly beyond belief, unbelievable that at the age of 73, Dylan can resurrect his voice and outdo Frank Sinatra at his own game. Shadows consists of ten songs all originally recorded by Sinatra, but on the strength of the arrangements and the performance of the band (again), it comes out on top. Moreover, it speaks for his age, his wisdom, and seems like something he’s been destined to do ever since he reincarnated as the Phoenix some years ago.

As a fan of Frank Sinatra’s early years spent with Nelson Riddle, before moving on to swing and jazz, this album truly speaks to me. The selection of the tunes and the treatment that each is given jerks at the strings of the heart and pulls on the wisdom of time.

This album is about the voice, as it should be, and seems like a terrible idea. This was the reason that I just, honestly, never listened to it. Even though I purchased Tempest upon release and cherished it for its languishing tales, it was the coarsest performance of his dwindling vocal abilities yet. The idea of that same voice, like a slow crawl across a concert floor, doing covers of Frank Sinatra was just too much for me to consider. But its done with finesse, class, and sincerity.

It sounds like Bob Dylan is actually speaking for himself again, in the same way that “Sara” closed off Desire, and how Blood On The Tracks is all truth. It can only make sense. He’s 28 years into the Never Ending Tour and continues to shell out albums like its passing out candy for him. But at the age of 75 after a life lived hard, there comes a moment of introspection that must make him wonder, how much longer? How much deeper and further can I go before its over?

These questions can only lead to here, to Shadows In The Night. Like Frank Sinatra Sings Only For The Lonely, these are the albums that must be listened to in quiet, mostly alone, with only your thoughts and, worse, your memories to keep you company. It’s the sound of life gone by, the reflection. Naturally, the cover features Bob Dylan sitting in the Thinking Man pose facing left – staring back.

And really, nothing makes me cry like songs like these. Empty, hollow, with only a drooping trombone and the occasional trumpet spur to greet our ears, I feel older just with a listen. But I also feel better.

I am not alone as I go through this life: there are always shadows in the night to walk alongside.

Song: “What’ll I Do?”

It’s hard to pick a single song off this record, some for their similarity, some for they’re all great. I find this one to be most on point, “what’ll I do when I am wondering who is kissing you?”


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