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Day 40 – Fallen Angels – 2016

Posted in A Dylan A Day by johnsontoms on July 31, 2016



This has been the most beautiful, surprising, and peaceful way to end this retrospective. Fallen Angels and Shadows In The Night, both. One follows the other, and neither is forsaken for it.

Fallen Angels, like Shadows, consists of 12 tracks, all but one of which was originally recorded by Frank Sinatra. The difference this time around, and immediately noticeable in mood, is that the tracks selected for Fallen Angels were all written by Johnny Mercer. What’s that mean? Think of this record as Dylan’s Nat King Cole to his own previous Sinatra.

It’s lighter, airier, has more bounce. It’s like coming out of the fog. When the two records are played in sequence (as I have), you can really feel the air let out of your clinched lungs. It’s a sigh of relief.

Additionally, the music is once again supreme. I think that’s the greatest indictment on these two records, and why they stand out so well. It’s music that sound anachronistic and out of time. And yet, this album is only five months old, recent, fresh, modern. This is new music. And what it proves is that no one makes music like this anymore. To hear Bob Dylan do it sounds to my ears like the first time its been done. That of course is false.

Like any of the previous, oh say, five records, there’s a sure tip of the hat to the past. But with Angels, its not even a tip – this is straight up mimicry. But for his voice, which is extremely unique if not downright blasphemous at times, and the tender touch that his band gives the music, it emerges like something never done before, even though its pulled right out of 1960.

I don’t think it was meant to be anything special or ornate or gigantic. It’s meant to be exactly what it is, and that’s a little bit of time spent singing the songs that people used to cherish.

These are the songs that should live on forever. Bob Dylan was just the first to notice, and now stands as the catalyst by which the songs, and he too, become infinite.

What a career.

Song: “Skylark”

If you can find it, “Skylark” is the sweetest, most tender track from the album, with a beautiful guitar solo to end. But Fallen Angels isn’t available on Spotify.



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